Wekiwa Spring Park, Apopka FL.


The day started with 48 degrees of temperature, is the third day in Wekiwa Spring Park. The first day I did 8 miles, the second 10 and today I did 13.5 miles. The Park has white, orange, red and green blazes, there are trails for hikers, horses and bikes. The main attraction is its natural source of water, which runs a few miles to the South. Also available trips in canoes downstream in its crystal clear waters and cold that are kept at 72 degrees all year round. Or btw, all of these hikes i carried my backpack with 25 pounds, with water and food include. Also I need to say that I made food that had dehydrated in my house with my home-made stove, works fantastic. Lightweight and well cheap in cost. I hope to be able to go tomorrow morning again. On Monday we go back home again (Miramar, florida) and in 3 weeks we are going to Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina for Christmas.

Keep hiking