Grandfather Mountain Blowing Rock NC

We started the day with the Blue Ridge Parkway closed because it was snowing, we went hiking Grandfather Mountain, but first stopped at Grandfather Country Store, there his owner Bart Bare warmly welcomed us and told us how to get to the trail head, "1.6 miles" he said indeed the trail head was waiting for us. The day was cold, about 22 degrees, feeling like 8, but we were willing to go up to Flat Rock View at about 5,000 feet. Icy trails, rocky climbs, nearly 1 foot of snow, but a great view was especting for us, was beautiful, it was worth the effort. We arrived at Flat Rock View and had lunch there, the temperature kept dropping, we finished lunch and decided to leave because the conditions were not improving, going down was not as good as climbing, rocky trails all the way icy, dangerous, but we enjoyed it to the fullest . We left the mountain we rode to Grandfather Country Store because we had told Bart that would spend after the hiking, we arrived but was not in the store, the store manager Sharon welcomed us and told us that Bart had left, but soon came Bart, we chat and had the best time, Bart Bare is a writer with several works. If you want a good mountain experience, pass by Grandfather Country Store, I recommended...

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