Pedro Diaz is a professional Colorist and photographer based in South Florida. For more than 15 years, he has demonstrated his versatility, shooting in different environments, and winning multiple recognitions along the way. Diaz, a photojournalist, shoots multiple jobs for Sun-Sentinel, ESPN, JCPenney, Subway, Maybelline, Dr Pepper and NBC, just to name a few.


 For Pedro, the camera is an extension of his mind, an outlet in which he can express his ideas without saying a word. His philosophy is to capture images so pristine they appear to be taken straight from a high-end magazine.

Diaz has a vast portfolio, covering a unique blend of fashion, lifestyle and news photography. He also captures memories for brides, photographing their weddings. Brides turn to him for his gifted eye, and ability to capture precious moments of wedding celebrations as photojournalistic impressions and portrait photography.